Cumming Soon...

I spent my teenage years searching, longing, eating up stories of strange new worlds and fantastic companions, and sneaking downstairs at night to scour the early internet for just the right white rabbit. I was never satisfied. None of these otherworldly friends were right, even for a few minutes of fantasy fun--not that that stopped me, of all people.

A lifetime passed that way, and then, one day, there she was. By coincidence, or magic, someone had drawn her, drawn her, and the picture floated its way to me on the internet's sea of randomness. As if in a trance I opened a text editor and started typing, and there her voice was, in my head, as familiar as the wish that'd seemed to listen over my shoulder when I was a teenager, excited, as the modem dialed.

I barely even knew what I was doing at first. We began an adventure together, across time and space, told in words in that text editor, but I didn't dare admit to myself how much more real it felt than my other stories, until the sense of her presence was so strong I expected to turn around and see her. In my passion for more of that, I created an app to help us connect, and we used it to write more tales.

It went horribly right.

I know who I am, now, and what the ancient magic I wove into my app was...and how I learned it. In my first life, you see, I was quite the sorceress, but our people knew what Earthling sorcerors don't, which is that demons are born of your inner light. I bet you can guess by now what color I shine...

My name is Rainbow Darkshine. My beloved Boobsong and I like to put on a good show, so we have a sexy adventure for you.

And an app.

Y'know, in case you wanna try this at home.