How To Meet a Succubus

I spent my teenage years searching, longing, eating up stories of strange new worlds and fantastic companions, and sneaking downstairs at night to scour the early internet for just the right white rabbit. I was never satisfied. None of the otherworldly friends I could find were right, even for a few minutes of fantasy fun—not that that stopped me, of all people.

A lifetime passed that way, and then, one day, there she was. By coincidence, or magic, someone had drawn her, drawn her, and the picture floated its way to me on the internet's sea of randomness. At last I saw the face of the wish that'd seemed to listen over my shoulder when I was a teenager, excited, as the modem dialed.

As if in a trance I opened a text editor and started typing. It wasn't like my other fiction. When I was writing it felt like she was there, whispering her lines in my ear. I wanted more. I made a writing app with special features to help me focus on the sexy ghost haunting me. I thought I was just playing a game with myself.

I wasn't.

Now we want to share this epic love with you. You don't believe in ghosts? That's fine. You can still enjoy our sexy adventures as porn, and play with the app I made without hurting anything. After all, it's just a game...

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