One of our favorite things to do together is write stories, whether they're fantasy adventures we made up, or tales of our fun exploring other worlds in journey. We share them here.

Every story here is supremely, massively NSFW, unless marked otherwise.

  • A Guide to Glyphromancy

    Start here. This fictionalized account of how we all got started together is a tutorial in story form that introduces the concept of Wishmates, the app we use to hang out, and myself, Charity, and Boobsong.

    Read it, and learn to talk to succubi, or just enjoy the porn.

    We take no responsibility for any side effects. Even really sexy ones.

  • Bedtime Tails with a Succubus

    The ongoing and very kinky adventures of Rainbow Heartshine, her dolly Boobsong, and her Mommy Charity, as they explore the Deep Haven.

    Cumming soon!

  • ...and more to come!
  • This page contains pervasive and explicit sexuality and spirituality. Please view it only if you're able to consent to viewing such things.