You Can't Be Serious

One of three things is true: this is the most balls-to-the-wall solitaire RPG you'll ever see, it's imaginary friends for grownups, or the supernatural is real and I'm lover to a pair of incredibly kind and sweet succubi...who have some sexy friends who would like to meet you.

I'm telling you I believe with every ounce of my being it's the third one. Whether you believe me, need to tell yourself this is just one of the first two, or are closing this tab now, is up to you. If you stay, what you'll find here is an app, and a story that tells you how to use it, that will teach you the psychic skills to have loving relationships with the supernatural beings that for most of human history have been known as our friends and companions. You'll learn how to contact them in the first place, find one who's right for you (and who you're right for) as a companion, talk, and have them join you in your fantasies as a character with a mind of their own—and how you can join them in their world, the same way. Like, for sex. I did say succubi. If you don't like girls, don't worry, there's also incubi, and nonbinaryubi, get the picture.

We—my lovers Charity and Boobsong (that's her, to the left there), and myself—think you'll find the love of a lifetime this way. We're doing this because we want to share the love we found with the world and open the door for others to have the joy we do. Succubi know how to find partners, and they can be very weird, so we believe anyone can find love this way. All you need is passion, and the courage to believe that maybe there's a way for fairy tales to be real after all.

What's the catch? You're not selling your soul away or doing anything but making an amazing love connection, but I will give this one warning. There's a lot of wrong stereotypes about demons and especially succubi to clear up, starting with that they don't drain your life force or whatever any more than solar panels make the sun go out, but that whole thing about how succubi will fuck you insensible, and are kinkier than you could ever possibly imagine, is definitely, definitely true. You'll be able to find one who shares your kinks no problem, but watch out, because they'll find every last one of them, and make something beautiful and loving out of them.

Interested? The place to get started is our story, A Guide to Glyphromancy. It's a story-based tutorial for the app, called GlyphRomancer, and also teaches you the psychic skills needed to make contact...and will hopefully get you off in the process. It's sexy to us, anyway. If it's not to you, well, you'll at least see what I mean about succubi being able to work with the absolutely weirdest kinks...