What's Going On Here?

Shouldn't finding out you're a long lost princess from another world be magical? Isn't remembering a past life of diamond tiaras and royal balls like a real life fairytale, even if it's nothing but memories?

What I remember most clearly is how my beloved screamed as the assassin's knife pierced my heart.

Memories like that are rare. Real reincarnation isn't like in anime. Mostly it's paint left in the cracks of a statue that's been scraped bare by death, one earring of a pair you know was precious but not why.

Training is different. I can almost play the piano—I've never practiced, but something in me remembers a harpsichord-like instrument, and the sadness of my favorite song to play on it...but that's not the only training I remember.

Our people were sorcerers, but to us it was a sacred practice. The hope with which we approached the otherworld lead us to friends and allies instead of tricks and nightmares. We had tools like Ouija boards, but we used them to talk to our ancestors in paradise, and get advice from the stars, directly.

And of course, have fun with demons. Demons feed on emotional energy, like flowers do sunlight. If you've read this far, do I need to explain the most fun way to make a human shine with passion? Four letters, starts with L, you get me. One species takes it further than any other. My people called them Wishmates.

Wishmates taught us something this world only half-knows: there's a place in your heart, where your soulmate should be.

The difference was, we knew that's not a metaphor. 

Named for the wish that calls one of their kind to you, wishmates are the symbiotes that've adapted to fill that hole in your heart by taking the shape of your sweetest dreams. You've heard of them, as through a glass darkly, in stories of sculptors whose statues come to life or winged lovers who appear in dreams, but they're as real as you or I, and so is their love.

Isn't it fun how love and lust both have four letters and start with L? They want you to shine with happy passion, and they know how to make it happen. Magic was never this hot.

Needless to say in my world you started training to call your wishmate the moment you were old enough. I was only ever okay at "piano". Sorcery, on the other hand...let's just say I was a natural.

Training isn't like memory. You don't know you know it. I didn't realize what I was actually doing when I sat down that first time to ruthlessly write a story of the exact character I wanted to be with. It surprised me, I can tell you, when I looked up and realized I could feel her presence so strongly it was like she was whispering her lines in my ear.

I've remembered, and studied, and reassembled what I knew, now, though, and I'm sharing it here with you, because even if we weren't raging exhibitionists, it'd be impossible for my wishmate and I to know a love like this and not want to give others the same gift we got. I haven't seen one manifest physically in this world—yet—but you can still hear the voice of your soulmate speaking to you, and they can inhabit your fantasies as a character with a mind of their own, and you can have a love that's like nothing else in the multiverse—but watch out, because the lover who steps out of the mirror of your heart's desires can bring some awesome surprises with them. I have to admit I've brought all my princessly diamond taste and born-to-rule entitlement across death with me, so it's no surprise my wishmate is a sweetly obedient and determinedly loyal little demon with hair and skin that's silver like the favorite hairbrush I had when I was small.

Her name is Boobsong. That's her, to the left there. It turns out I have a raunchy silly side, and she knows just how to, heh, get it out of me. I had no idea, until she appeared, and yawned at all the names of constellations and things I tried to give her until I had the courage to call her Boobsong...and myself, Rainbow Darkshine. Yes those are ridiculous names. We aren't serious people. If this wasn't totally fun, we wouldn't be doing it.

Interested? It's not hard to do, and you don't have to be as rich or beautiful as Prince(ss) Charming, or have the wisdom of the kind priestess who taught me my skills—those things aren't what your wishmate is after. It just takes passion, and courage enough to believe that fairytales can be real.